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All tomatoes $2.00 per plant

ARKANSAS TRAVELER- A medium sized pink tomato that is smooth and beautiful. An excellent heirloom from Arkansas. Tolerant to heat and humidity, crack and disease resistant. Good flavor, excellent. A hillbilly favorite!

DAD'S SUNSET- The perfect orange tomato! Large 10 oz. fruit are very smooth, uniform, and a beautiful, glowing orange in color. It keeps very well. Very good flavor.

CHEROKEE PURPLE- Developed by the Cherokee Indians. (pre-1890) dusky purple-pink-black color that is very unique, large size, and the flavor is perfect!

BRANDYWINE- The large pink, heirloom from 1885, This tomato has become very popular for its delicious rich taste, Sweet and flavorful, fruit weigh 1-2 lbs each. Plants have large potato type leaves.

KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAK- An enormous, luminescent orange beefsteak from the "Bluegrass State". The flavor is superbly sweet, mild, and fruit. This heirloom was collected from Eastern Kentucky.

RED ZEBRA- Here is a red version of the popular "Green Zebra", fire engine red fruit are covered with bright yellow stripes. Sweet and flavorful, this new variety should prove very popular for both home and specialty markets.

OLD GERMAN- Very beautiful large yellow fruit with crimson red and yellow. The flavor is lucious and rich. This variety is very popular in the Ozarks. An old Mennonite heirloom.

STRIPED ROMAN- Stunning and unique! Long pointed red fruit have wavy orange stripes. It's meaty flesh has excellent flavor.

MARMANDE- Popular old French variety developed by the Vilmorin Seed Co. Scarlet, lightly ribbed fruit have the full rich flavor that is so enjoyed in Europe. Medium-large size fruit are produced even in cool weather.

WATERMELON BEEFSTEAK- This variety was introduced commercially in 1958 by Glecklers Seedsmen of Metamora, Ohio and was collected from West Virginia, where it had been grown for almost 100 years by a few mountain families. This variety produces huge purplish-pink 2 lb. fruit here in the Ozark mountains. One of the best tasting of all - sweet, almost like watermelon!

ROMAN CANDLE- Beautiful, neon yellow banana-shaped fruits are bursting with intense sweetness and flavor. A wonderful new tomato that originated as a 'sport' from Mr. John Swenson's Speckled Roman.

GREEN SAUSAGE- The latest "must have". It is simply outstanding! At last a banana-shaped paste tomato that is lime green and yellow striped when ripe! The flavor is rich, tangy and sweet. So cool when mixed with orange, white, yellow, and red striped paste types. Short, bushy plants produce these 4" long fruit in abundance.

All eggplants $2.00 per plant

CASPER-Beautiful pure white fruit, very sweet, tender and has a mild, mushroom like flavor, gives an excellent yield of quality fruit.

PING TUNG-- Long, thin 15" fruit are a beautiful lavender-purple, colorful and unique, this Oriental variety is superb,  salads, stuffing and pickling. A beautiful Taiwanese variety. Huge yield! 

All peppers $2.00 per plant

ORANGE SUN- Beautiful bells are glowing orange in color. The thick flesh is intensely sweet and fruity.

RED MARCONI-A favorite red Italian frying pepper, these big peppers grow 12”long, and are super sweet! also perfect for salads! a wonderful old heirloom from Italy.

Please call for info on berries BLUE CROP BLUEBERRY-Mid-season, deep blue fruit. Sweet flavor, a great all-around berry! Excellent in pies or fresh. 2 year plants.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

BLUE RAY BLUEBERRY-Mid-season sweet and juicy fruit. Vigorous bush. Gives good yields. Delicious flavor and very hardy. 2 year plants.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

ARAPAHO THORNLESS BLACKBERRY-An astonishing variety of blackberry with high quality fruits of gigantic size. Blackberries appear on weighty clusters on thornless shrubs 4 to 5 feet tall. This variety is resistant to cedar rust. Very heavy yields.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

BOYSENBERRY THORNLESS-Dark maroon berries. Very sweet and juicy. Makes the best pies and jellies! Very few seeds. Has more flavor then standard blackberries.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

CAROLINE EVERBEARING RASPBERRY-Red fruit is very large, firm, and cohesive. Heat responsive plants ripens at least 2 to 3 weeks earlier, resulting in bigger crops over a larger period. Grows 3' tall and has good tolerance to root-rot and yellow rust.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

K 81-6 RED RASPBERRY-Fruit is 1" in diameter. Heavy yields. Does well in hotter climates. Has good tolerance to disease. Flavor is wonderful.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

BOYN SUMMER BEARING RED RASPBERRY-The hardiest red raspberry. Developed in Canada as a variety for northern areas where hardiness is most needed. Boyn has heavy vigorous, heavy canes that produce large high-quality fruit.

Single plant $7.00 Ten plants $60.00

CARDINAL STRAWBERRY-Heavy yields, great tasting fruit is medium to large in size. Plants are hardy and vigorous.

10 plants $7.00 25 plants $15.00

100 plants $30.00

500 plants $110.00

OZARK BEAUTY STRAWBERRY-Our most popular everbearing variety! Grows an unusually strong vigorous plant with thick foliage. The berries are large and uniform. A great Ozark berry.

10 plants $7.00 25 plants $15.00

100 plants $30.00

500 plants $110.00

All mints $3.50 per plant GRAPEFRUIT MINT-This rare mint has a unique citrus-like scent and taste, is very hard to find and great in many ways.

LEMON MINT-Spicy lemon fragrance and aroma, this mint is a heavenly delight!

ORANGE MINT-Citrus scent, large spreading plants, superb in teas, jelly and fruit salad. 

RED STEM APPLE MINT-Colorful red stems and delicious apple-like aroma and flavor make this a winner in any herb garden, and a must for the connoisseur of fine mints. 
VERIGATED CHOCOLATE MINT-This mint brings back memories of old English tea parties from the Victorian Era, and has beautiful green and white splashed leaves. Very ornamental, with a wonderful chocolate fragrance.

Other Herbs- $1.25 per plant

THAI BASIL-This is a very strong clove-scented basil. Very popular in Thailand! Has a wonderful flavor.

LIME BASIL-A unique lime flavored basil from Thailand. Popular variety for market.

LICORICE BASIL-This has a strong licorice scent and flavor. Very unique!

LEMON BALM-Delicious lemon flavored. Great in tea. A vigorous hardy plant.

Remember, vegetables need to be shipped in multiples of 6 for safe shipping. You can mix and match any varieties you like, but please have the total be in increments of six!

ORDER YOUR PLANTS NOW! We ship April-May. Order early. All plants are raised with out any chemicals and are top quality!
All vegetable plants are grown in 3" pots. $8.95 shipping on all orders.

ORDERING INFO- Send your plant order (write on a sheet of paper) with a check or money order, to:
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